Why Get Your Contact Lens Exam in the Bronx at Pelham Parkway Vision Center

If you’re in search of a contact lens exam in the Bronx, you’ve come to the right place! The team at Pelham Parkway Vision Center has years of experience providing comprehensive examinations for patients needing to be fitted with contacts and we are looking forward to the opportunity to serve you as well.

People who rely on eyeglasses to correct their vision but are now interested in making a change but do not want to resort to surgery often are curious about why they should consider contacts. Read on for details on why contact lenses might be right for you.

Why Choose Contact Lenses?
If you’ve been on the fence about making a decision about moving from eyeglasses to contacts, you should keep in mind the following benefits:

  • In contrast with eyeglasses, contacts will not fog up
  • You don’t need to worry about water spots on the lens during rainstorms like you do with glasses
  • No lens to distort your view and lack of frames gives you unimpeded vision
  • People who play sports, whether weekend warriors or intense athletes enjoy the fact that contacts move with their eyes for a better view of the world
  • You will have better peripheral vision with contacts than you would with eyeglasses

Make an Appointment to Get an Exam for Contact Lens in the Bronx Today
With so many positive aspects to wearing contact lenses, you will not want to delay in getting your examination for contact lenses in the Bronx today. To learn more about how we examine patients for contacts or to set your appointment for service, please get in touch with Pelham Parkway Vision Center today. Remember to ask us about our new client special, if this is going to be your first appointment!

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