When to Get New Eye Glasses with our Bronx Optometrist

Many people keep using the same eyeglasses because they don’t believe they need new ones, but the truth is that your vision can change so gradually you’ll never notice the difference. You can be slowly losing the fine details of the view around you for a long time before you begin having a hard time with your daily life.

At Pelham Parkway Vision Center we recommend all of our patients to come into our office for regular eye examinations. No one can tell if you need vision correction except a professional, and our optometrist team is here to do just that.

Subtle Signs You Need New Eye Glasses
Even before you consciously notice that you can’t read or see as easily as you once could, you might have physical symptoms showing all isn’t right. Your eyes naturally try to focus on anything in front of them, and if they’re not up to the task it can cause a strain on your eye muscles. You may suffer from a sore neck, have frequent headaches, or notice yourself squinting even if there is no glare around. These are all signs that your eyes are working too hard and that you need a new pair of prescription eyeglasses.

Regular Eye Examinations
If you are an adult with no risk factors for vision problems, such as diabetes or a family history of glaucoma, we recommend that you have a comprehensive eye exam every two years. As you get older, the likelihood that you’ll develop certain eye diseases gets greater, so you should increase your visits to an annual occasion. Our optometrist may advise even more frequent visits if she finds concerns such as developing cataracts or other eye conditions.

During the eye examination, the optometrist will check for your eye health as well as your visual acuity. At the end of the exam, the doctor will let you know if you need a replacement pair of glasses because of a change in your prescription.

Look Good to Feel Good
Another reason for getting a new pair of eyeglasses is simply to get a new look. Your glasses are a part of your wardrobe, and we carry hundreds of fashionable frame styles that can brighten up your style. Many of our patients choose more than one frame with each one meant to accent a different look or style.

Need New Eye Glasses in Bronx, NY?
If you haven’t had an exam in at least a year, call our office at 718-829-2160 to schedule an appointment today. Our trusted Bronx optometrists will perform a comprehensive exam and determine if you are in need of a new prescription.

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