UV Facts and How Sunglasses Help in Bronx, NY

Did you know that exposure to UV rays can speed up age-related vision loss and lead to cataracts? These are only two of the conditions worsened by UV light. Fortunately, with the use of UV sunglasses, you can protect your eyes from unsightly conditions. Here at the Pelham Parkway Vision Center, we are now offering UV sunglasses, as well as prescription sunglasses. Find out how you can use these specialized sunglasses to help protect your eyes all year round.

What Kinds of Eye Conditions are Caused by UV Exposure?
While we are well aware that UV light causes skin cancer, as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this type of sun’s rays also leads to eye damage. You are more likely to suffer from macular degeneration, pterygia, cataracts, pingueculae, and photokeratitis due to UV rays. These eye conditions can be prevented or slowed down by wearing UV sunglasses in all seasons.

How Do I Choose the Right Type of UV Sunglasses?
By wearing UV sunglasses every time you go outdoors, you can protect your eyes against UV rays. However, the sunglasses need to block at least 99 percent of UV rays for the best protection. Also, choose sunglasses that are oversized or that wrap around the face. This helps prevent UV rays from coming in from the sides, top, or bottom. If you want to get the best protection possible, purchase your UV sunglasses from a certified eye doctor.

What is the Difference Between UV Sunglasses and Prescription Sunglasses?
Prescription sunglasses have a prescription lens that aids in vision correction. You can get prescription sunglasses that have UV protection by visiting your eye doctor at Pelham Parkway Vision Center. We will help you choose the best-shaped frame for facial shape and personal style.

Contact Bronx Optometrist for UV Sunglasses
If you are ready to protect your eyes this summer with UV sunglasses, let us help. Here at Pelham Parkway Vision Center in Bronx, NY Drs. Oleg Lisitsyn and Diana Ilyasova offer extensive vision services. In addition to UV sunglasses and prescription sunglasses, our eye doctors provide routine eye exams to ensure your eyes have the best care available. Contact our office at (718) 829-2160 today to schedule a sunglasses fitting. We are currently offering a discount of 50 percent off selected styles of sunglasses, as well as 30 percent off designer frames.

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