Understanding the Benefits of Lasik Surgery

If you wear contacts or glasses, you well know the expense and inconvenience of using these vision correction devices. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to wake up in the morning, rub your eyes and immediately see the room around you in perfect detail? Well you are in luck, Lasik surgery can correct your poor vision and give you this experience day after day.

Visual Improvements
Of course, the most obvious benefit of having Lasik performed is the complete correction of minor and severe vision decline. You can receive correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism that is disrupting your ability to see without blurring. Within just a few days of the surgery, your vision will approach 20/20 and you will see clearer than you have in a long time.

Astigmatism Reversal
The Lasik procedure restores your eye shape to a healthy status, effectively reversing astigmatism. Lasik will restore your ability to focus on near and far objects with ease. Other visual disruptions associated with astigmatism, such as light sensitivity and halos, often disappear within days of having the procedure performed.

Eye Strain Decrease
Even with glasses and contacts, your eyes are under an immense amount of strain, which can cause facial pain and headaches. After going through the Lasik procedure, your eyes will not have to strain to focus during the day or night. Lasik is an extremely safe way to bring your eyes back to optimal function without relying on a lifetime of corrective devices.

Obtaining Lasik Surgery
If you want to have Lasik performed, you will need to contact Pelham Parkway Vision Center for a consultation. You will receive an eye exam to determine your visual capabilities, cornea shape characteristics and overall eye health. Your optometrist in Bronx, NY will discuss your potential of success with Lasik surgery. You will receive more information about the procedure details and recovery process at that time. If you decide Lasik is the best option for you, it is possible to schedule the procedure appointment right after finishing the consultation with your optometrist.

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