The Importance of UV Protection

woman in sunglasses after seeing Bronx OptometristYou probably know how important it is to wear sunscreen when you spend time in the sun, but are you taking the same precautions towards protecting your eyes?

Unfiltered, the sun’s rays are very damaging to our skin and eyes. Many people do not realize the severe consequences that can occur when they do not protect their eyes with properly filtered lenses. Just like sunscreen, UV protective sunglasses are able to filter out the harmful parts of the sun rays and keep your eyes safe during the most intense times of the day.

Protecting Your Vision With Your Bronx Optometrist
Even cloudy days pose a threat to our eyes and skin. It is important to protect our eyes starting at a young age as every unprotected exposure causes further damage. Unfiltered sun exposure can lead to cataracts, cancer, eye diseases, eye growths and snow blindness.

While vision impairment from sun damage is often more commonly seen among older patients, sun damage can occur for teens or young adults who have unusually high exposures to unfiltered sun. We see affected patients who have hobbies, like surfing, snowboarding, fishing and more. Water sports and winter activities often increase the damage done to your eyes with reflections that intensify the power of the sun.

It is important, then, to make sure you are caring for your eyes by protecting them from the elements. Even on cloudy days, you should wear proper eyewear to keep the damaging rays from harming your eyes. Visit your Bronx optometrist for the very best selection in sunglasses and protective eyewear options.

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