Picking the Right Sunglasses for Spring and Summer: Help from Pelham Parkway Vision Center​

When you visit Pelham Parkway Vision Center, you’ll get all of the help you need to choose the right type of glasses and sunglasses for your needs. We often recommend that anyone who needs prescription eyewear to use sunglasses as well. We can help you to select those that will work well in spring and summer when the sun is very potent to the eyes.

What Should You Look for in Sunglasses?
When buying sunglasses, style, of course, matters. However, it is also important to have UV protection in your lenses. Just as you apply UV protection to your skin before heading outdoors, you should also use sunglasses. A variety of sunglasses are available today, but few offer the protection that most people need. Everyone who spends time outdoors, whether you are on the water, biking the park, or jogging, needs to wear sunglasses on a regular basis.

What Are Polarizing Sunglasses?
Polarized sunglasses are beneficial because they can be worn inside by those who are light-sensitive especially for those who have had cataract surgery. They also are important for anyone exposed to very bright light, such as those that are on a boat or skiing. These sunglasses work by using a special filter to block the intense type of polarized light. They also work to reduce glare.

Finding the Right Sunglasses Through Your Optometrist
When you visit your optometrist for sunglasses, we’ll provide you with a full eye exam as part of routine eye care. We can then offer a prescription to you for the glasses you need. Our team can help you to select the best type of sunglass for the types of activities you’ll be engaging in. We can also recommend the best style for you. Ray-Ban, Oakley and other brands offer the UV protection and polarized lenses you need. We can fit these into any frame in stock.

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