Sports Vision Training & Protection With Your Bronx Optometrist

protective eye wear from a Bronx OptometristThose involved in sports are always looking for the competitive edge. Whether its training, exercise, practice or attending sports camps; athletes, even weekend warriors, want to perform at a high level. One often overlooked aspect of preparing for sports is Sports Vision. If you want to perform at your best, make a sports vision testing appointment with your Bronx Optometrist at Pelham Parkway Vision Center. Our professional team can work to help you maximize your sports performance.

Seeing a Bronx Eye Doctor for Sports Vision Training

A sports vision eye doctor can help assess your vision, and make recommendations for maximizing it for peak performance. Here at Pelham Parkway Vision Center, Dr. Oleg Lisitsyn and Dr. Diana Ilyasova can help with thorough sports vision testing. They can recommend prescription sports eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles, safety glasses and more. Sports vision testing can be valuable for both kids and adults. It can protect and actually improve your vision.

Along with the classic Snellen eye chart test, our sports vision testing includes contrast sensitivity testing and ocular alignment tests. While your eye doctor may recommend anything from surgery to prescription eyewear, you will also learn the benefits of sports vision training. Sports vision training can improve visual processing speed and hand-eye coordination. It can improve performance in low light conditions. Sports vision training is like going to the gym for your vision. If you take your sports seriously, take your eye care seriously.

Sports Vision Injuries
Our Bronx optometrists are here to help prevent sports vision injuries and to help when you experience an injury that affects your vision. Whether a sport vision injury is the result of flying dust or an impact to the eye area, see us at Pelham Parkway Vision Center. We accept walk-ins and emergency care everyday except Sundays.

Make an Appointment To Visit Our Bronx Office Today

If participating in athletics is important to you or your kids, get the benefits of terrific sports vision care. Call us for a sports vision testing appointment today! Along with sports vision testing our services include detection and treatment of eye diseases like Dry Eyes, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration and Blepharitis. We provide contact lens testing and have an excellent selection of designer eyeglass frames. If you are in search of an optometrist for your family, contact Pelham Parkway Vision Center. We look forward helping you perform at your best!