Eye Exam Technology at Pelham Parkway Vision Center

Eye Exam Technology in bronx nyAt Pelham Parkway Vision Center, we continue to offer our patients the state-of-the-art equipment and techniques they rely on. We aim to provide our patients with eye exam technology that is as advanced as possible to ensure you always have the very best experience possible. As your trusted eye doctor in Bronx, you can count on us for any concerns you have with your eye health and vision needs.

Our Top-Notch Eye Care and Vision Screening Machinery

To provide you with the very best diagnosis and treatment for any eye-related concerns you have, we maintain quality machinery in our offices. When you come in for any type of eye care or vision screening, a key component of your visit will likely include the use of this technology to get a better understanding of what’s happening within your eye. Some of the equipment we utilize includes the following.

  • OCT Machine: Also known as an optical coherence tomography, this is a non-invasive type of image test that takes cross section photos of the retina. It provides us with insight into the function of the retina as well as the overall health of the eye structures.
  • Retinal Photography: We use this screening process to look for abnormalities and diseases that may be impacting your eye. We often will use this testing as a key component of tracking the progression of any eye-related diseases you may have such as diabetes, macular degeneration, cranial nerves, and glaucoma.
  • Corneal Topography:  This is a non-invasive medical imaging technique that creates a virtual map of the surface of your eye. More specifically, it provides us with details of the curvature of your eye or the outer structure. By using this, we can learn more about the refractive power you may need in contact lenses or eyeglasses to improve your vision. It also gives us information about the health of your cornea.
  • Visual Field Machine
  • B-Scan

Each of these eye technology machines are located in our offices. When you meet with our eye doctor in Bronx, we’ll determine which type of testing is right for your specific needs and then explain each machine and how they work to you before we use them. Be sure to ask any questions you would like. We’ll also discuss the results of these scans and screenings with you after the tests are complete.

Contact Your Optometrist for an Appointment

When you call on the Pelham Parkway Vision Center, you get exceptional care from a trusted optometrist. Give our team a call today to discuss any specific vision test or eye care that you need. We’re happy to make an appointment for you. Call our Bronx office today at (718) 829-2160.