DMV Eye Test for New York Drivers

Young women in Bronx, NY in need of a DMV eye exam to driveIn New York, you can’t get behind the wheel without passing a DMV eye test. This eye exam must determine your visual acuity with or without the use of corrective lenses, and it must be performed by a qualified eye care provider. Fortunately, Pelham Parkway Vision Center is a DMV eye testing center, and our Bronx optometrist is available to perform the driving eye test.

New York DMV Eye Test

The State of New York understands how important it is to have clear vision while navigating the road. The DMV eye test for New York drivers is a mandatory vision test to determine your visual acuity, which affects your ability to see from different lengths or in different lighting conditions, discern subtle movements, distinguish between colors and lights, and more.

The results of your DMV eye test may allow you to drive without restrictions, but it may also result in a letter on your license. If you wear corrective lenses or have poor vision in low lighting, your optometrist may need to meet additional reporting requirements.

Possible Driving Restrictions
If your visual acuity without glasses is 20/40 or better, you’re free to get your driver’s license without restrictions. If you wear corrective lenses, you will receive a “B” restriction.

There’s also a telescopic lens restrictions for drivers who rely on telescopic glasses, a form of corrective eyewear that is much more powerful and corrects significant refractive errors. If you wear telescopic lenses, we will also send an Eye Test Report to the DMV’s Medical Review Unit, which must review your case before proceeding with the restriction.

Other restrictions may prevent you from driving at night. If you have poor or low vision in low lighting, you may receive a daylight driving restriction on your New York driver’s license or learner’s permit.

We can also help you remove your driving restrictions if your eyesight improves or you no longer rely on telescopic lenses. We will fill out the Vision Care Report and Vision Test Report you need to remove the restriction and prove your new visual acuity to the state.

Visit Our New York DMV Eye Testing Center

This state vision test is required for every driver’s license, and the results must be submitted by an optometrist or other vision care provider. Pelham Parkway Vision Center is enrolled in the DMV Online Vision Registry, which means we can submit your results electronically. We are happy to perform these tests at our Bronx vision center and submit the report for you, so you don’t have to bring or mail files to the DMV.

Will your driver’s license expire soon? Are you applying for your very first New York driver’s license or learning permit? If you need an eye test from a Bronx optometrist, we’re here to help. Call (718) 829-2160 to schedule your driving eye test at Pelham Parkway Vision Center today.