Contact Lenses Prescribed by a Bronx Optometrist

contact lens exam at pelham parkway vision centerGlasses can be a nuisance to wear and many search for a different way to correct their vision as a substitute for eyewear. However, a pair of contacts to wear is an easy solution for corrective vision and our optometrist provides contact lens exam to pair you with the correct prescription.

Our Contact Lens Exam
Our contact lens exam New York optometrist takes the time to ensure you’re paired with a prescription that’s right for you. During our examination, our optometrist will first conduct a visual acuity test. This portion of the exam consists of our optometrist using a device to look into and read letters on the wall directly across from you. The optometrist will change the size of the letters until you find one you can read accurately. This part of the contact lenses exam in Bronx, NY helps the eye doctor to determine the strength of lenses you need and whether you have any refractive errors.

Contact Lens Fitting
During a contact lens exam in the Bronx, New York, our optometrist will evaluate the size of your eye, so you receive a pair of contacts that fit your eyes comfortable. This is the start of seeing clearly without occasional blurriness. Additionally, your contacts will be less likely to slide around in your eye when they’re fitted by our optometrist.

A contact lenses exam in Bronx, NY is comprised of our optometrist using a special machine to measure different dimensions of your eye. Our eye doctor will use a keratometer to measure the curvature of the cornea. Because patients who have astigmatism have a cornea that isn’t perfectly round, they’ll receive extra dimensions when compared to someone who doesn’t have an irregularly shaped cornea. In some cases, our eye doctor may need to conduct corneal topography, also known as cornea mapping. This provides an optometrist with a more detailed view of the cornea.

Part of the contact lens exam in New York may consist of our optometrist measuring the pupil and iris. The pupil is the black dot in the center of the eye that allows light to pass through. The iris is the part of the eye that’s colored. Our eye doctor may use a slit lamp to get a better view of these areas. Our optometrist may also use a biomicroscope to measure the intake of gas permeable lenses.

Types of Contacts We Offer
We offer a variety of contacts including soft lenses and toric lenses. We have daily, weekly and monthly contacts. Our eye doctor also conducts Ortho-K, a special fitting for gas permeable lenses.

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