Computer Vision Syndrome Treated By Your Bronx Optometrist

computer vision treatment in bronxMany of us spend hours each day laboring away at the computer or consulting our mobile devices for all kinds of information and entertainment. There’s no avoiding digital monitors and displays in our everyday lives, and that makes it hard to steer clear from the eye irritation and fatigue caused by computer vision syndrome, or CVS. But don’t fret, because your trusted Bronx optometrist at Pelham Parkway Vision Center can help you get the necessary relief and protection from this problem.

Computer Vision Syndrome Causes & Symptoms Seen By Your Bronx Optometrist

If reading a digital screen were as easy as reading a printed page, no one would experience computer vision syndrome. But letters made up of pixels on an illuminated screen offer some challenges to the eyes’s ability to focus and resolve images with clarity. Screen glare, contrast problems, tiny fonts and other factors can force the eyes to work overly hard, especially if you already have a refractive error or other eye condition. After an extended period of staring at your computer monitor or smartphone screen, you may start to experienced blurred vision, eye fatigue and headaches. Since eyes tend to blink less frequently when they’re fixed on digital screens, you may also experience the redness,itching and foreign body sensations of dry eye.

Even the color of the light emitted by modern LCD and LED screens is cause for concern. These devices flood the eye with light in the blue part of the spectrum. A specific band of frequencies known as HEV (high-energy visible) light doesn’t just aggravate your digital eye strain; it’s also believed to increase your long-term risk for macular degeneration, a retinal disease that can lead to partial blindness.

Blue Light Blocking Lenses and Other Eye Care Options

You don’t have to exclude your essential electronics from your life to escape the discomforts and dangers associated with digital eye strain. Your optometrist at Pelham Parkway Vision Center, Dr. Lisitsyn or Dr. Ilyasova, can provide you with effective eye care options to keep you using your devices safely and comfortably. For instance, we can fit you with blue light blocking lenses. These lenses provide clear, normal vision while filtering out incoming HEV energy. If you would like to cut down on glare while improving contrast levels for strain-free vision, we can also add a yellow tint to your lenses.

Even with the aid of blue light blocking lenses, adjusting your work or lifestyle habits can prove quite helpful for avoiding computer vision syndrome and keeping your eyes feeling fresh. We can advise you on strategies such as hydrated your eyes with eye drops and steeping away from your devices long enough to rest your eyes and blink normally.

Get Help from Your Eye Doctor in Bronx, NY

Don’t let computer vision syndrome dictate your everyday comfort and ocular health. Call today to get the eye care you need from your eye doctor in Bronx, NY!