Sunglasses in Bronx Communities

woman is wearing designer sunglassesWhile we all love a sunny day, your eyes don’t love that bright UV glare quite as much as you do. Enjoy your rays safely with a pair of top-quality sunglasses, either prescription or not. Just get in touch with us and learn how we can help you today.

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What Are UV Rays?
Ultraviolet radiation, also known as UV rays, can damage the eyes by causing the proteins inside the eye to become opaque or cloudy, causing cataracts. Over time, cataracts can lead to total blindness, so it’s important you maintain UV protection your whole life. That’s where quality sunglasses come in.

Which Glasses Best Protect My Eyes?
You want glasses that block most types of visible light, to ensure that you’re not letting any harmful rays into your eyes’ delicate structures. If you are into outdoorsy pastimes, such as fishing, boating or golf, you should take your glasses to the next level and opt for polarized lenses, which block glare from horizontal surfaces such as water and sand.

Can I Get Prescription Sunglasses?
Yes. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways. If you don’t spend that much time outside, you might opt for a pair of clip-on’s or an insert to wear when you step outside or while driving. If you’re outside constantly, you’ll probably do better with a pair of prescription sunglasses. For those who want a middle road, you might benefit from lenses that automatically tint when you step out into the light.

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