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PROKERA Corneal Treatment from Your Optometrist in Bronx, NY

Inflammation and scarring can be a common side effect or aftereffect of ocular diseases and eye trauma without intervention, this damage may continue to progress until you experience hazy, distorted vision. Whether you're dealing with a mild case of corneal inflammation or need serious help for chemical burns to the eye, our optometrist in Bronx, NY (Dr. Lisitsyn or Dr. Ilyasova) can offer a revolutionary new natural treatment method to stop the pattern of inflammation and allow the tissues to heal, in the form of PROKERA contact lenses.

woman standing in front of an eye exam chart in Bronx, NY

How Can Prokera Lenses Help?

A great many ocular diseases and injuries can impair your eyes' comfort, health and ability to accept and refract incoming light. These may include:

  • Keratitis - Inflammation of the cornea caused by irritating factors such as excessive exposure to UV light or dry eye syndrome

  • Corneal scars - Thickened tissue on the corneas that makes your vision hazy, which may be caused by an injury, chronic dry eyes and conjunctivitis.

  • Chemical burns - Chemical burns can cause both agonizing inflammation and significant scar tissue buildup on the cornea

  • Partial limbal stem cell deficiency - An abnormality that causes erosion of the epithelial cells of the conjunctiva, possibly leading to corneal ulceration and scarring

Since the cornea is the "window" that allows light into the eye, any problems that cloud or damage that window need to be dealt with by a skilled eye doctor. While corneal transplants might have seemed like the only option for some sufferers, PROKERA offers a topical healing alternative using the most natural substance imaginable -- amniotic tissue. This part of the placenta has powerful healing properties for the treatment of ocular diseases and injuries.

PROKERA isn't a contact lens in the traditional sense of the word; instead, it's a pair of rings that contain a piece of smooth, transparent amniotic tissue. When these rings are slipped over the front part of the eye, they assume the natural curve of the cornea just as contact lenses do. Our Bronx eye doctor will apply the PROKERA device to your eye in a quick, simple in-office procedure. You'll then return to our eye care center within a week for a follow-up exam so we can see how well the eyes are healing. Once it's time to remove the device, we can accomplish that in another quick in-office procedure.

Ask Our Bronx Eye Doctor About PROKERA Today!

There are actually three different products in the PROKERA line. Your Bronx eye doctor may prescribe PROKERA Slim for mild to moderate inflammation, Original PROKERA for more significant eye problems, and PROKERA Plus for severe, acute conditions such as chemical burns. The best way to find out whether PROKERA makes sense for your eye care needs is to call Pelham Parkway Vision Center at 718-829-2160 to schedule a consultation and evaluation. Whatever type of eye care you need, our trusted team is standing by to help