Lenses and Coatings for Eyeglasses at Pelham Parkway Vision Center​

lenses and coatings for eyeglasses at pelham parkway vision centerIf you’re in the market for a pair of eyeglasses, you may be prepared for a pleasant browse through our wide range of exciting, elegant designer frames here at Pelham Parkway Vision Center — but the variety doesn’t end there. You also get to choose from several different kinds of eyeglass lenses and specialized lens coatings that let you create the perfect combination of visual clarity, comfort, versatility, and style. From lightweight materials to state-of-the-art optical filters, our eye care center has what you’re looking for.

A Variety of Lens Options
Glasses, of course, were made of glass for centuries. Glass offers superb optical properties, but it also makes for thick, heavy lenses that can shatter (with potentially catastrophic results for the eyes). Today’s lenses come in several types of relatively lightweight plastic. CR-39 is a popular, affordable option with excellent optical properties, while polycarbonate boasts an extra degree of shatter resistance that makes it an ideal lens material for children, athletes, and industrial workers. You can also opt for high-index lenses, which are designed to be thinner and lighter than other plastic lenses.

Your corrective prescription will determine whether you should choose single vision or multifocal lenses. Single-vision lenses correct either nearsightedness or farsightedness, but not both. After the age of 40, you may have trouble focusing on close-up objects due to presbyopia. If you have no problems with distance vision, you may just need reading glasses; but if your presbyopia is compounded by nearsightedness, then you may need multifocal lenses. These lenses, which combine multiple corrective fields, range from simple bifocals or trifocals to blended or progressive lenses.

Lens Coatings to Suit Every Eye Care Need
Either eye doctor at our clinic can help you select from various types of lens coatings to optimize your vision and minimize eye strain. Anti-reflective coatings can keep those annoying, possibly hazardous reflections from interfering with your vision. Polarized glasses take this protection a step further by filtering out the horizontally-oriented reflections that cause glare on law surfaces, roadways, sandy beaches and snowy winter landscapes. Your eye doctor may also recommend filters that block the unhealthy, strain-inducing blue light generated by computer monitors.

Tinted lenses offer their own benefits. Prescription sunglasses that reduce outdoor brightness levels and block harmful UV rays are available in a variety of tints, each with optical properties that appeal to cyclists, drivers, players of specific sports or individuals with contrast or color perception impairments. Photochromatic lenses can serve as a handy indoor/outdoor option, growing lighter or darker as the ambient light changes.

Ask Your Optometrist in Bronx, NY for That Perfect Pair of Eyeglasses

In addition to our new client special, we’re also offering 30% off designer frames and 50% off sunglasses. Now is the time to call (718) 829-2160 and schedule an eye exam, vision test and a new pair of eyeglasses from your optometrist in Bronx, NY! We look forward to meeting with you!