Get Fitted for Eyeglasses for Computer Vision Syndrome at Your Optometrist in Bronx

computer vision treatment in bronxMany people spend a great part of each day looking at computer screens, whether for work, school or entertainment. Unfortunately, staring at the screen of your desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smartphone can lead to problems with vision and discomfort in the eyes. Your optometrist in Bronx is here to help you recover from computer vision syndrome and reduce your eye strain and discomfort, going forward.

Common Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

If you’re not familiar with the term computer vision syndrome, it has to do with a number of vision and eye problems that arise when people spend long periods looking at the screens of their various devices, from smartphones to enormous computer monitors.

Symptoms include:

    – Blurry vision
    – Dry eyes
    – Eye strain
    – Headaches
    – Pain in the shoulder and neck

Professional Eye Care Services for People Who Work All Day with Computers

If you have digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome, help is readily available to you at our vision center. Your eye doctor will evaluate your particular symptoms and will coach you about lifestyle changes that you can make immediately.

For example, you should sit at an appropriate distance from your computer and make sure the screen is properly aligned so that you don’t continue to experience eye strain. Part of your eye care will include taking periodic breaks from the screen so you can focus on objects that are in the distance.

The eye doctor may prescribe you glasses that have blue light blocking lenses. For further protection against computer vision syndrome, the doctor will recommend that you use non-reflective paint or wall coverings to curb the glare on your screen.

Contact Your Eye Doctor to Treat Your Eye Strain Today

When you suffer from eye strain because of computer vision syndrome, it’s a good idea to reach out to your eye doctor and make an appointment so you can regain your ocular health.

For more information on using blue light blocking lenses to counter problems with computer vision syndrome or to set an appointment, please contact the team at Pelham Parkway Vision Center today.

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