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Comprehensive Eye Exams in the Heart of the Bronx

We are Pelham Parkway Vision Center and we care about the health of your eyes. Life is busy, especially here in the Bronx so our patients are glad we're located here in the crossroads of the borough making it convenient for their yearly eye exam. Many people do not realize that an optometrist is more than an eye doctor who examines their eyes to determine if they need glasses.  So they are astonished on their first visit at how comprehensive our eye exam is, and astounded at the state of the art technology we use to evaluate eye wellness and test for developing conditions and eye diseases.

Getting an Eye Exam with Our Bronx, New York Optometrists

man getting an eye examMany of the eye diseases that rob us of our vision are sneak thieves that show no signs or symptoms until one day you find your vision is not what it used to be. This is why, along with the American Optometric Association, we recommend that you make yearly or bi-yearly eye exams part of your life. At Pelham Parkway Vision Center our Bronx, New York Optometrists, Dr. Oleg Lisitsyn or Dr. Diana Ilyasova, will use leading edge technology to examine your eyes for evidence of glaucoma, macular degeneration, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or dry eye.  Should this comprehensive exam reveal that you are in the early stages of any of these eye diseases or conditions, our doctors will prescribe and implement the treatment needed to control its progression so we can help you preserve your vision. We also recommend regular pediatric screenings so ocular-motor deficiencies like Strabismus, or crossed eyes, amblyopia or lazy eye, can be caught early, and then vision training can be started before these developmental coordination problems get in the way of vision and learning.

As part of your comprehensive eye exam your Bronx, New York Optometrists will also do vision acuity testing and evaluating, the type of eye examination you are most likely accustomed to. In this part of your visit (s)he will use a wall chart to evaluate your distance sight and a reading chart to judge your reading vision. In addition you will be evaluated as to eye function which includes your ability to perceive depth, color, and your response to light. (S)he will also test your peripheral vision. A warning is warranted since some of our tests involve examining the internal structure of the eye we may need to dilate the pupils which may increase your sensitivity to light and impair your ability to drive home.

Should you need corrective lenses, we offer a wide variety of contact lenses and fashion eyeglass frames with which our eye doctor will fit you. So we invite you to browse our site to take a moment to learn about the frames, contacts, and state of the art equipment we use in eye exams.

Visit Pelham Parkway Vision Center Today!

No matter what your eye care needs are, our professional staff is waiting and able to help you. Our Bronx optometrists provide a variety of eyecare services for you and the entire family and we hope that we can do our best to help you all see clearer today!

For more information about Eye Exams at Pelham Parkway Vision Center, give us a call today at 718-829-2160!