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Optical Products From Your Bronx Optometrist

Visiting an optometrist in Bronx or the surrounding areas allows you to address concerns related to your vision. Depending on the prescription and your specific visual needs, an optician provides details about different lenses we offer for your goals. At the Pelham Parkway Vision Center, we provide the tools you need to find the right optical products for your lifestyle and eyes.

woman trying on eyeglasses in Bronx Optometrist office

Eyeglasses Offered By your Bronx Optometrist

When you visit an eye doctor to evaluate your vision, you may discover that you need eyeglasses to correct a specific visual concern. Depending on your eyes, you may need to wear the eyeglasses at specific times or throughout the entire day. For example, if you need reading glasses, then you only wear the glasses when looking at a book or an object near your face. When you need glasses to see objects at a distance, an eye doctor may recommend wearing the glasses during the entire day to reduce the risk of accidents or problems in specific environments like school or a place of work.

An optician helps you find the right glasses based on your prescription and the way you intend to use the glasses.  A professional in our clinic may recommend different materials after discussing your normal activities or the potential risks. For example, we may recommend different glasses for sports or office work. Our recommendations depend on your needs and situation.

Contact Lenses

Our contact lenses focus on your situation and needs. We offer a variety of options, including hard to fit lenses and colored lenses. We may recommend specific types of lenses based on your eyes and visual concerns. 

Generally, an eye doctor measures your eyes and makes suggestions regarding your specific needs. When then help you find the right type of lenses for your eyes and vision. We suggest different options based on your lifestyle and goals. For example, we may recommend extended wear lenses when you plan to wear the lenses overnight or we may suggest daily wear lenses when you want to wear a fresh pair of contacts each day. Depending on your experience with contacts and your needs, you may need to try different lenses to find the most comfortable type of contacts.


Although contact lenses and traditional eyeglasses are common optical products, we also have sunglasses available for your eyes and visual health. We allow you to select prescription and non-prescription sunglasses based on your preferences and needs. An optician helps you find the right pair of sunglasses after determining your goals and preferences. For example, we may recommend polarized lenses with sun protection or impact resistant lenses when you play sports. Our suggestions focus on your needs and plans for the glasses.

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At our clinic, we offer a variety of optical products to correct your vision and keep up with your lifestyle. An optician helps you identify the right lenses based on your goals and preferences after an eye doctor identifies the right prescription. To learn more about our products, contact us today.