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Contact Lens Exams in Bronx

If you've decided to switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses, you'll need a specialized examination specifically designed to find the right lens prescription for your eyes.

A contact lens exam includes the same steps as the normal eye exam you're used to, plus some additional details used only for contact lens measurement. When you make an appointment with our Bronx optometrist make sure you mention contact lenses so we will schedule the extra time needed.

Our Bronx Optometrist Explains Contact Lens Exams

During your eye exam we'll begin with basic eye acuity tests -- the familiar eye chart that everyone knows about. This, along with other measurements, will test the strength of your eyes and the prescription lens you'll need to correct your vision.

Once we know the details of your eyesight, we can concentrate on the details pertaining to wearing contact lenses. Our doctor will talk with you about your lifestyle in order to determine the best type of lenses for you. Do you play a lot of sports? Can you follow a rigid schedule? These details can affect the type of lens you wear.

In addition, you may want to talk to the doctor about adding cosmetic touches to your lenses in order to change your eye color. If you've always wanted emerald green or violet eyes, now is the time to experiment.

finger with contact lens on it

Finding The Right Contact Lens For You

Once we've determined the type of lenses you need, our doctor will need to do specialized measurements on your eyes. Not every contact lens is the same size or shape as the others. While they're all round, each lens has a specific curvature that's designed to fit your eye. Think of deep or shallow bowls and you'll get the concept.

Our doctor will use a kerotometer to measure the curve of your eyeball, the clear front surface called the cornea. This can measure the general depth of the curve of your eyes.

For finer detailed measurements, our optometrist will use corneal topography. With this machine, we'll actually "map" the surface of your eye, noting any irregular shapes that might affect the fit of your new lenses. During these measurements you'll place your chin in a cup and lean your forehead on a bar, much like during a common glaucoma test. Patterns of light are beamed into your eye, which will indicate surface shapes on your eyeball.

After your contact lenses come in, we'll have another evaluation. If this is your first pair of contacts, our technicians will teach you how to insert and remove the lenses, as well as training your on safety and cleaning tasks. Once the lenses are in place, the optometrist will examine your eyes through the lens, measuring your eye's reactions to the lens and checking your corrected eyesight.

If you're ready to move from eyeglasses to contact lenses, call Pelham Parkway Vision Center at 718-829-2160 for an appointment. We'll be happy to make an appointment, getting you started on the way to an eyeglass-free lifestyle.